Find your nursing schools in Ohio

Nursing schools in Ohio offer different degree programs depending on what career options and opportunities you would like to pursue upon completion. Below is a comprehensive guide to nursing schools in Ohio, what nursing school entails (including cost), and what you’re options are upon passing the NCLEX exam.

If you are seeking the best educational experience possible, you will want to go to attend one of the top nursing schools in Ohio. There are almost 100 nursing schools in Ohio listed. Knowing which ones are ranked the highest can make a difference in where you choose to enroll. Often completing a degree program at a quality school can also result in a better job offer.

Best Nursing School in Ohio for an Associate’s Degree

If you need a fast track to completion, then the best nursing school in Ohio that offers a two year Associate’s in Nursing is the Bryant and Stratton College. The State of Ohio Board of Nursing also approves this program. The drawback to an Associate’s degree is that you are limited in your job choices.

Many hospitals prefer nurses with a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This preference is because of a generalized field of study. Some Bachelor’s degree programs even offer coursework so that you can enter a specialized field such as anesthesiology or obstetrics upon completion.

Best Nursing Schools in Ohio For a Bachelor’s Degree

The best nursing schools in Ohio to earn a Bachelor’s degree are the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University, the Chamberlain College of Nursing, and the Indiana Wesleyan University. These options are ranked highly because of their state accreditation and their approval by the state nursing board. Attending an accredited nursing school in Ohio means that the programs and courses offered at that school meet the educational requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

While the above schools are some of the top accredited nursing schools in Ohio, there are several good nursing programs that should be considered. Competition to nursing programs is fierce and attending a good nursing school in Ohio is a better option than not attending school at all.

There are several websites that offer a complete list of nursing schools in Ohio. Be specific in your keyword search for best results. If you already have an LPN licence and are working toward an RN (or from an RN to a BSN), be sure to include that in your keyword search.

Best Online Nursing Schools in Ohio

There are several options for distance learning and online nursing schools in Ohio. This style of distance learning is geared toward a higher degree programs and is not recommended for students starting their nursing studies or for students without an RN. Some of the online nursing schools in Ohio are the University of Phoenix; College of Health and Human Services, the Walden University School of Nursing, the Jacksonville University School of Nursing, and the Kaplan University School of Nursing. These online programs are also good when pursuing continuing education credits and specialized nursing certificates.

Ohio Nursing School Curriculum

Students at nursing schools in Ohio will study a variety of topics. There are some courses that will require prerequisites before students can move on to specialized study. Strong science aptitude and strong communication abilities are important to the professional nurse. Be sure to study hard and make high marks in these areas as more and more hospitals require a copy of the student’s transcripts along with their applications for employment.

Cost of Nursing Schools in Ohio

Selecting an Ohio nursing school may also come down to the cost. Costs will vary depending on which degree program you choose to pursue. A good estimate is $250 to $300 per credit hour. Then there are additional cost such as books and materials. This can run approximately $1000 to $3000 per year. Some nursing schools also require hospitalization insurance at an additional cost of around $1,600. These costs do not include the registration and test fess for the NCLEX after formal training had been completed.

While the costs of nursing schools in Ohio is high, there are also several discounts and scholarship programs available to qualified applicants. These include government grants, scholarship programs, financial aid resources, and work-study programs.

Is Becoming a Nurse in Ohio Right for You?

Nursing careers are on the rise as the demand for qualified nurse’s increases each year. Upon successful completion of a nursing degree and the passing of the NCLEX exams the newly qualified nurse can expect to earn a salary of $71,000 to $74,000 a year. Some larger facilities and areas in great need may offer a sign on bonus that varies by location by averages $2,500 to $5,000. Sign on bonuses are usually offered for staff positions. This means that you sign a contract with the facility to work for a number of years and may work in many different areas of the hospital.

As you can see attending one of the many nursing schools in Ohio can be the perfect place to kick off your career. There are several great schools and programs to choose from, you just need to decide what level of education and nursing job fits you best.

Nurse Educator Career Opportunities

Many students have an aim to join the health sector as contributors for serving the ailing and the sick of the society. For this reason, many of them attend nursing education and training institutions to receive professional training and on hand experiences to work as professionals in the health care industry. Now-a-days, with the downfall of economy, salaries in many jobs are getting down while the nurses are earning $30000 – $50000 annually, which is a positive image for the industry. At present, nurses are not only joining hospitals and clinics to contribute to the work force, but also working through the nurse educator jobs which is quite recognized as a new profession now. This aim of this profession mainly centers on the teaching and training of amateur nurses who have come to learn about nursing. The nurse educator employment has a positive aspect; since it can help you earn good payments and salaries as educators.

Become registered and accredited to have the best nurse educator jobs

Most of the nurse educator jobs are carried out by the licensed, accredited, registered and professional nurses who have had their years’ knowledge and experiences to pass on to their students who are opt to receive education and training on nursing for serving the community and also pursuing a better career. Most of the nurse educator employment comes through the medical institutions, services and agencies who seek educators to teach their students and provide them on hand training for teaching nursing. The nurse educator needs to have special skills in medical training and experience with god leadership skills to provide nursing education to the amateur nurses. In order to be able to teach the nurses, the nurse educators need to be good trainers proficient in written and speaking skills.

The aim of the nurse educator is teach the amateur nurses different skills and techniques to be employed in the professional life. They teach their students to learn the organizational and management skills with cooperation and self – management that would help them to remain calm and unruffled during their long working hours in the professional life. The Practical Nursing Schools involve the collaboration of students to work as a team of medical professionals as seen in reality. These nurse faculty jobs also create opportunity for the amateur nurses to become future leaders and teachers as their educators who would work for the enhancement of the health care providers’ community.

Clinical nurse educator jobs

For the clinical nurse educator jobs, their responsibility is to coordinate the learners to provide education on the specific areas of medical, health care and clinical matters. Through the use of courses and clinical practices, the nurse educator pertain education to the learners of nursing. It is also under their duty to teach their learners to control the anxiety and reduce tension through stress management which is a very common issue in the professional lives of nurses. The clinical nurse educator jobs serves as an educator, registered nurse who contributes for the development, implementation, coordination and evaluation of community health initiatives using existing research and evidence based findings. The nurse educator jobs concerns contributing for the whole team of educators who work together to provide education and training to the students through different techniques, guidelines and quality improvement.

Nurse educator jobs : What about the salary in nursing jobs?

The hourly, monthly or yearly salary of a nurse educator is better than may other professionals in other sectors of other industries, as they can still earn better during the downfall of economy, because this job maintains a stable income for the health care professionals. The nurse educator salary for example, may range from $35 – $65 an hour, which is comparably high than normal business jobs. In order to earn good salary, you have to be helping, dedicated, passionate and committed towards your job, so that you can upgrade to higher positions. There are great opportunities to work on as a team, which helps you to both teach and learn for yourself and the learners. The nurse educator jobs are attractive job opportunities that not only provide higher payment but also additional incentives under conditions. For example, you may work for long hours and receive incentives for them. A nurse educator can most successfully make use of his/her skills by training individuals who are interested to receive knowledge and experiences on nursing for the development of the rural and remote areas. In this case, the nurse faculty jobs can be really promising and respected by the people of the community.

Nurse educator jobs ; Bring in your life experiences

As a nurse educator, you will always keep on receiving education as part and experiences of your life and in the opposite way; you can use your knowledge and experiences to train other nurses who will become professionals to service the people of the community. The nurse educator employment involves being qualified and enthusiastic individuals who are interested to join a highly motivated team of teaching and research medical workforce. There can be nothing more proud and happier than becoming the healthcare and nursing educator who is helping others to become the nurses of tomorrow. The best part comes to be their duty of teaching the nurses to use the new machines and innovations of the technology which are used to diagnose and save peoples’ lives. Generally, the nurse faculty jobs are provided by the hospitals or nursing schools, medical agencies, medical equipment makers and medicine companies etc.

You have both the advantages of working as part time or full time educators in the nurse faculty jobs in different hospitals or health care agencies. You will also be able to enjoy your work in the nurse faculty jobs, because you will have the autonomy of working on your own which is not possible when you are working as full time professional nurses in clinics or hospitals. In addition, the nurse educator salary can be very much attractive being almost $70,000 – $80,000 annually. For higher positioned nurse educator, you may be able to earn $150,000 per year! For getting into the nurse educator employment, you will only need to have good communication skills, a nursing degree, which naturally includes two years’ program and a license or certification of a registered nurse. Become registered and accredited to have the best nurse educator jobs.

Gallen School of Nursing- Review

With the increase of population, the need for medical and health care facilities are increasing, so the need for physician, nurses and hospitals are also increasing with the passage of time. The invention of modern technology has also help to accelerate the process. Previously, working in the health care sector was tough, because of the lack of medical and technological facilities, but now the new discoveries in medical science has fostered development in this sector. Conducting the roles of health care providers, the nurses are important individual who plays an important role for the well being of the patients. For this reason, many people opt to study for nursing in different nursing schools and colleges. If you opt to go for nursing education and training for serving and caring the sick, then one of the best institutions you can choose is the Gallen School of nursing. Here, you will learn to earn knowledge and experience differently everyday and contribute for saving peoples’ lives. This institution is renowned for is view of changing the lives of people for betterment. You will have the opportunity to become a part of peoples’ life stories. You will learn to care for the patients and provide them the necessary health care facilities they need.

Gallen School of Nursing : Best among Nursing Schools

The Gallen School of nursing is one of the best institutions in the community leading the health care services. Before opting to study in this institution, you have to enroll your name, provide necessary information and papers and fill out the application form for admission. There are both normal classes and online classes available for students. In the Gallen School of nursing you will have the advantage of living in the campus with other students that would give you ample time and knowledge needed for the study. This school has the reputation of producing excellent nurses who are working in different positions in different hospitals, clinics and health care agencies with commitment and dedication. Here, you will not only have to attend regular classes but also on hand practical experiences by working at different community health care institutions. The educational courses mainly centers on the programs such as Bridge program, Licensed practical nurses, and Registered nurses and so on. For the Bridge program, you will not have to complete any prerequisite courses, which is an exception in the institution. You will have to complete two to four years’ training when you will be studying here. There are morning and evening classes that will cover the educational and practical trainings.

If you are considering the Galen School of nursing tuition then it is a bit higher compared to the other nursing training institutions, but the quality of education and health care training programs are beyond excellence. You may even find the opportunity to work as part time nurses for hospitals as part of the nursing team, which would help you to enrich your knowledge and experiences. The Gallen School of Nursing especially focuses on the education for the licensed and registered nurses who can become professionals in the health care sector. Being one of the best and largest private nursing institutions of the country, the Gallen School of nursing provides better education and training. For this reason, the number of students is increasing in this institution day by day.

Career Possibilities in The Gallen School of Nursing

Aiming to provide the health care facilities and services to the community, the Gallen School of nursing prepares on creating good and experienced nurses through the pre-licensure nursing educational programs. Apart from the education, you will also have the opportunity to receive career placements after you graduate from this institution. During your academic year, you will receive counseling services that would help you to decide on the type of career you want to choose. However, some people in the Gallen School of nursing reviews may say that the institution follow a strict and stern policy of education, not considering any favor and this is quite true. For some reason, discipline and punctuality is needed in all aspects of life and mostly when it comes to health care. You cannot let your patients die by being late to provide them treatments at the right time. This education of discipline and time maintenance help you become disciplined in your professional life. So, even though some people might criticize about the strictness of the authority and education, still the Gallen School of nursing has retained its top position as high class nursing education providers.

The Gallen School of nursing is also known as the Baptist school of nursing in the community, so people might call it by the name when you go for searching the institution during your admission time. Remember that, the Gallen School of nursing not only makes you a professional nurse, but also offers you the possibility of a flexible career with a good earning. The guidance and training that you will receive here will provide you the opportunity for a life to pursue a better career as a professional nurse. There is a shortage of registered nurses in the country compared to the increasing demand and for this reason, the Gallen School of nursing, just like many other nursing schools, promises to create professional nurses to join the health care field. Graduating from this institution can help you to get better jobs and salaries compared to other graduates from other nursing institutions. You will be able to employ your knowledge and skills you have earned and gain a better position in the health care agency and hospital you are working.

Choose The Gallen School of Nursing for a Head Start in The Nursing Field

Considering all the facilities, guidance, educational and training programs, on had experiences, campus facilities, strict regulation and disciplined lifestyle, the Gallen School of nursing is the best place that could help you become a disciplined professional in the health care field. Therefore, collect information from the institution campus and collect the admission form to fill up the details and provide essential papers and information to get admitted in the institution for pursuing a better career. Graduating from the Gallen School of nursing will help you to become a specialized and professional nurse.

Other great options for Gallen School of Nursing

he Gallen College of Nursing is an education institution whose sole purpose is to train nurses who toil on tirelessly to help improve the lives of the sick, the wounded and the weak. This is a private nursing school which has multiple campuses in different location across the United States. If you are faced with the question – is Gallen college of nursing a good school, then the best way to figure this out would be to look up whether the Gallen College of Nursing has any accreditation, which for all intents and purposes are there to certify that the school / college has maintained a standard of education and as a result, they have earned the right to offer a valid degree accepted in professional office.


The Gallen College of Nursing started off with just a one year licensed practical nurse program Texas. During this time, the Gallen College of Nursing was known under a different banner. At that time, the name of the institute was Galen Health Institute and during that time, the then Gallen college of nursing had not received an accreditation from any organization, so they were unable to issue out degrees, but that changed after 2005 when they finally got accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education which allowed the Gallen College of Nursing to issue out the two-year curriculum which resulted in receiving the Associate of Science in Nursing degree which allowed their graduates to apply for nursing positions in all hospitals and nursing houses as a registered nurse. This event which confirmed the receipt of Gallen College of nursing accreditation resulted in the change of name to the Gallen College of Nursing.

The Gallen College of Nursing is also Online

The Gallen College of Nursing provides excellent facilities to its students to help them to become the best in the professional nursing field of work. This enables them to have the edge over competition which enables them to have a better scope of getting a professional job more easily. Moreover, the Gallen College of Nursing is ready to provide the services of Gallen College of nursing online. This makes it easier for interested students from far away to attend the courses without having to commute to the campus to take part in the degree program. This benefits the student and the college itself as the college does not have to provide classrooms to accommodate the extra students and the student does not need to commute.

The Gallen College of Nursing offers much of its registered nursing bridge program and its general education coursework as the online course. These courses provide the student with flexible options which further their nursing career and provide them with flexible option to choose their career path. This is where Gallen College of Nursing offers difference when compared to the rest. The online format, although convenient is unfortunately not enough to produce fully fledged nurses, so the Gallen College of nursing online courses has a procedure which dictates that any student enrolled in the Galen College of nursing online course has to perform some portions of the required courses under the Gallen College of Nursing faculties.

Mixed Reviews about The Gallen College Of Nursing

There are many mixed review about the Gallen College of Nursing floating about online. In most of the reviews done by students, the college is portrayed as a very biased and unfair institution which does not take much care for the students and that most of the faculties are under qualified to teach. Some students even complained about the excessive levels of racism among the administrative level of the college, however, the Gallen College of nursing review done by others not affiliated with the school is very appreciative of the school. In my opinion, the students’ claims should get more priority as they are the ones inside the system and as such, they know the most about it. That said, if the student review of Gallen College of Nursing is considered, then the rating of the College drops down to a barely acceptable 4 out of 10.

The Gallen College of Nursing offers LPN to RN Bridge. The course is15 months long and costs $ 24,000. There are claims that the Gallen College of Nursing is not accredited by most students of the said institute even though the admission board claims so. The Gallen College of nursing accreditation is not listed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation database as well making the whole scenario of the accreditation quite vague and unclear.

To this end, one student has given a very practical solution for the Gallen College of nursing accreditation issue. He stated that the University of Phoenix accepts all RN credits and General Education courses of Gallen College of Nursing. Which opens up the opportunity for students to transfer credits to University of Phoenix and then get their degree as the University of Phoenix is fully accredited and there is no vagueness related to their accreditation. This would benefit the students currently studying in Gallen College of Nursing.

Regardless of all that has been said about the Gallen College of Nursing, I would state the individual trying to apply there to validate all information personally so as to not fall victim of advertisement. Gallen College of Nursing offers much better education quality than the public education facilities or the community colleges but maybe among the big universities and the private colleges, the Galen College of nursing is around the lower parts of the review board. Although this review started off with a positive impression of the college, the further information started coming in, the worse the college’s opinion started to go down. At this point, it seems a big gamble to go to this college for education, but that is a decision which the prospective student should make. Just ask yourself this, is Gallen College of nursing a good school? If not, then why are you interested in enrolling in this school? There are other schools as alternatives to this one and you should go pursue your education somewhere where there is no confusion regarding the authenticity of the education qualities.

The Benefits of CNA Classes Online

Medical and health care industry is booming with the advancement in science. Becoming a certified nursing assistant in the current scenario seems to be promising career. CNA certification does not involve long term studying or cracking difficult exams. All you need to do is to pass a nationally recognized certification exam and get listed in your local nurse aid registry. There are several ways to prepare for this exam. One method is to join classes for CNA training. However a campus training programme may not be suitable for many people. For example students who wish to appear for this exam in the future cannot devote fixed timings every day. Similarly if you have kids at home or some other responsibility to be taken care of then you might require a schedule tailored to suit your free time. CNA  classes online come to your rescue here. You can take the online training according to your timings. This is particularly suitable for people who like to go at their own pace when it comes to studying. These online classes can be completed in just four to six weeks.

Once you pass the nationally recognized certification exam to become a nursing assistant, your next task is to get your name listed in the local registry. You can prepare a resume to apply for CNA posts and proudly mention about your CNA classes  online in it. It will reflect your self-study and dedication towards becoming a certified nursing assistant. Please take a note of the fact that your high school degree or GED is a must for online as well as campus CNA training classes. You could also apply for training in home care settings, known as HHA certification. This certification would take additional 40 hours approximately if you are already taking CNA classes.


Before going for CNA classes in RI (Rhode Island) one should be aquatinted with the definition of CNA. It stands for certified nursing assistant. They are trained persons who are not professional but help or assist a professional that is they are paraprofessional. They are under the guidance of an authorized nurse or a certified health care team. They perform personal and associated health care support to persons who are incapacitated, sick or under the supervision or care of health care team. In order to pursue as a nursing subordinate or health care assistor in homes you need to have a training course of certified nursing assistant.

Without this you will not be permitted to perform this profession. Important tasks which need to be accomplished by nursing staff are geriatric care, mental care, prevention of infection, safety of person and persons nearby, making a note of the infection or disease and informing the same to the managing nurse. They must be able to measure basic health parameters like blood pressure, fever, and pulse rate. They need to make all possible arrangement in operation theatre before an operation. If going for a personal health care assistant, they must be capable of dealing with dressing, bathing, toileting, nourishing of aged person.

Thus going for a course of certified nursing assistant in RI is beneficial as you will be trained in all the aspects discussed above. They inculcate such attitude in you that you will begin to serve out of love and not for money. Besides you need not worry whether the heath care unit under which you will be working is certified or not. A degree from RI itself bears a testimony to certification of the course. So without any haste or dilemma go for CNA classes in RI (Rhode Island). Pathway of advanced career education is what their tagline speaks and they assist you with utmost facilities and training.


Three Reasons why you should take CNA classes in Omaha NE

There are lots of vacancies for the post of a certified nursing assistant in Omaha. Many people are taking up professional CNA classes in Omaha NE to get the most of it. Here are a few reasons why you should take such classes or build a career in the medical field:

  • Medical and health care industry is flourishing and is likely to remain doing so in the future as well. Thus, there is a lot of job security it this field.
  • Becoming a CNA is an easy and simple process. It will give you an idea about the medical filed. You can easily study further to become a registered nurse if you like the field or switch to something different if you don’t.
  • The medical field offers you a chance to serve mankind and become a better person altogether.

There are also some online classes for CNA training available on the internet. If you have a tight schedule or some problem with attending regular classes, you could easily take a course online. It takes around six weeks for complete preparation. Once you are done you can give any of the nationally recognised certification exams and get registered as a CNA in the local nurse aide registry.

A CNA always works under the supervision of a registered nurse. A nursing assistant’s job is to look after a patient, take care of his diet, give medicines and check blood pressure, etc. This requires some basic knowledge about the human body and good communication skill. All CNA classes in Omaha NE try to inculcate this basic education and strong work ethics in the students. However, you must make sure that the CNA programme you attend is accredited by your state before applying for it.


Looking for a bright career ahead? Go for certified nursing assistant training. This has good scope ahead both in jobs as well as learning perspective. Browse thorough internet before making a final call on this. Open websites of various institutes and analyze which one to opt for. Read reviews of people who have already taken such training and have an idea about that. Contact them through emails and discuss with them the proceedings well. Online media is playing a very vital role in making you aware of all the things. Look at the Face book page of the institute concerned to you. Note friends of yours who have liked that page and contact them. CNA classes in Milwaukee are considered one of the best one. Make research on the course content well before making a call to go for it. Go through the terms and condition page of the company well and note your queries.

CNA classes in Milwaukee have 24 x 7 helpdesk facility. They provide you with solution to every question concerned. When you go for registration make sure you carry an identity card. The ID card should be central government approved like driving license, pan card. Have certificates of negative TB test, chest test. If you have any criminal background you are sure to be rejected. These institutes lay emphasis on this so that you don’t face difficulty in later stage. Either you can pay your fee as cash or even through online banking. If an institute has online banking facility makes sure it’s authentic. Classes in Milwaukee have 64 bit high internet security system. This payment system is considered one of the best. So follow simple principles and get yourself registered in one of the demanding streams of future that is of a nursing assistant. Search well before registering yourself for this course.


Become a certified nursing assistant with free CNA classes online

Free CNA classes online—easy way to get the CNA certification

The certified nursing assistant certification has become very important and the free CNA classes online work with a target to offer free and quality CNA training for the people. Every kind of people can take the free CNA classes online. Candidates can take all the text book lessons from the tutorials that are provided by the distant educational schools and institutions. This is the easiest way to het fully prepared for the CNA certification exam.

Skills delivered in the free CNA classes online

The free CNA training courses are provided by the state accredited institutions and they tend to deliver the following skills to the individuals:

  • Basic purpose of the CNA job roles
  • Skills of record keeping
  • How to handle the emergency situations
  • How to deal with the minor infections
  • Preparation and care of the patient’s meals
  • Professional communication skills with the attendants and with co-staff.

One thing must be kept in mind that the CNA exam is divided into two portions, i.e. theoretical and practical. The free CNA classes online only delivers the text book knowledge to the candidates. For having practical assistant nursing training, candidate may take the help of local nursing homes or hospitals. In many cases, the online training courses also facilitate and help the candidate to locate a nursing home for getting practical training.

Attributes of good free CNA classes online

  • Must be state accredited
  • Must provide tutorials for CNA training by the experts and licensed nurses
  • Help the candidates to get the practical training classes too
  • Must cover all the basic and core courses of the CNA certification exam.

Institutions offering free CNA classes online

The private nursing homes, nursing schools promoting distant education, governmental hospitals and other online educational institutions offer the free training classes for the CNA certification exam. The online classes are the easiest way of preparing the CNA exam.

Increasing rush towards free CNA classes in Philadelphia

If the certified nursing training is taken in a community college, it would cost not less than $1000. Those who are ready to work for the institute in exchange of CNA training or the ones who receive scholarships or grants can get free CNA training also. And some classes are made free due to the immediate need of the healthcare service providers. Although the salary of CNA’s is not so high, still there are so many opportunities for the jobs if the students go for higher studies after becoming CNA. Adding to this, they also have security of job for those who go for advanced nursing positions.

Those who are expecting for free CNA training in Philadelphia can get the information through the employers like hospitals, through the vocational training institutes and also through online training. The main requirement for becoming   a CNA is to qualify the state exam. There has been remarkable increase in the demands for the CNA’s in the last few years. The money earned by the CNAs depends on the region around Philadelphia, experience level and the employment place of the employees. It’s very easy for the savvy internet surfers to find plenty of free CNA classes in Philadelphia.

Since the CNAs provide the precious care to the patients, attention and precautions for those who need it, their needs are increasing day by day. These training courses include some class lectures as well as clinical experiences. Nursing homes or the medical clinic would give you free CNA classes in Philadelphia in exchange of some work depending on your place of residence. Most of these CNA classes including that in Philadelphia are run by the state and the classes lasts for five to six weeks. And independent of the money spent on training, candidates successfully completing their CNA course and certification exam can find employments very easily in the region due to irresistible call for CNA workers.