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he Gallen College of Nursing is an education institution whose sole purpose is to train nurses who toil on tirelessly to help improve the lives of the sick, the wounded and the weak. This is a private nursing school which has multiple campuses in different location across the United States. If you are faced with the question – is Gallen college of nursing a good school, then the best way to figure this out would be to look up whether the Gallen College of Nursing has any accreditation, which for all intents and purposes are there to certify that the school / college has maintained a standard of education and as a result, they have earned the right to offer a valid degree accepted in professional office.


The Gallen College of Nursing started off with just a one year licensed practical nurse program Texas. During this time, the Gallen College of Nursing was known under a different banner. At that time, the name of the institute was Galen Health Institute and during that time, the then Gallen college of nursing had not received an accreditation from any organization, so they were unable to issue out degrees, but that changed after 2005 when they finally got accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education which allowed the Gallen College of Nursing to issue out the two-year curriculum which resulted in receiving the Associate of Science in Nursing degree which allowed their graduates to apply for nursing positions in all hospitals and nursing houses as a registered nurse. This event which confirmed the receipt of Gallen College of nursing accreditation resulted in the change of name to the Gallen College of Nursing.

The Gallen College of Nursing is also Online

The Gallen College of Nursing provides excellent facilities to its students to help them to become the best in the professional nursing field of work. This enables them to have the edge over competition which enables them to have a better scope of getting a professional job more easily. Moreover, the Gallen College of Nursing is ready to provide the services of Gallen College of nursing online. This makes it easier for interested students from far away to attend the courses without having to commute to the campus to take part in the degree program. This benefits the student and the college itself as the college does not have to provide classrooms to accommodate the extra students and the student does not need to commute.

The Gallen College of Nursing offers much of its registered nursing bridge program and its general education coursework as the online course. These courses provide the student with flexible options which further their nursing career and provide them with flexible option to choose their career path. This is where Gallen College of Nursing offers difference when compared to the rest. The online format, although convenient is unfortunately not enough to produce fully fledged nurses, so the Gallen College of nursing online courses has a procedure which dictates that any student enrolled in the Galen College of nursing online course has to perform some portions of the required courses under the Gallen College of Nursing faculties.

Mixed Reviews about The Gallen College Of Nursing

There are many mixed review about the Gallen College of Nursing floating about online. In most of the reviews done by students, the college is portrayed as a very biased and unfair institution which does not take much care for the students and that most of the faculties are under qualified to teach. Some students even complained about the excessive levels of racism among the administrative level of the college, however, the Gallen College of nursing review done by others not affiliated with the school is very appreciative of the school. In my opinion, the students’ claims should get more priority as they are the ones inside the system and as such, they know the most about it. That said, if the student review of Gallen College of Nursing is considered, then the rating of the College drops down to a barely acceptable 4 out of 10.

The Gallen College of Nursing offers LPN to RN Bridge. The course is15 months long and costs $ 24,000. There are claims that the Gallen College of Nursing is not accredited by most students of the said institute even though the admission board claims so. The Gallen College of nursing accreditation is not listed in the Council for Higher Education Accreditation database as well making the whole scenario of the accreditation quite vague and unclear.

To this end, one student has given a very practical solution for the Gallen College of nursing accreditation issue. He stated that the University of Phoenix accepts all RN credits and General Education courses of Gallen College of Nursing. Which opens up the opportunity for students to transfer credits to University of Phoenix and then get their degree as the University of Phoenix is fully accredited and there is no vagueness related to their accreditation. This would benefit the students currently studying in Gallen College of Nursing.

Regardless of all that has been said about the Gallen College of Nursing, I would state the individual trying to apply there to validate all information personally so as to not fall victim of advertisement. Gallen College of Nursing offers much better education quality than the public education facilities or the community colleges but maybe among the big universities and the private colleges, the Galen College of nursing is around the lower parts of the review board. Although this review started off with a positive impression of the college, the further information started coming in, the worse the college’s opinion started to go down. At this point, it seems a big gamble to go to this college for education, but that is a decision which the prospective student should make. Just ask yourself this, is Gallen College of nursing a good school? If not, then why are you interested in enrolling in this school? There are other schools as alternatives to this one and you should go pursue your education somewhere where there is no confusion regarding the authenticity of the education qualities.